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SMP002 /// Peter & Pan – Wolkenkuckucksheim EP

Peter & Pan‘s debut EP is out.
It’s now released on several platforms, you find the links below.

SMP002 // Peter & Pan - Wolkenkuckucksheim EP Artist // Peter & Pan
Title // Wolkenkuckucksheim EP
Label // symbiont-music play
Format // wav, mp3, flac
Cat.No. // SMP002
Releasedate // 19.01.2013
Style // deephouse, techhouse
Artwork // Format Ce

The Wolkenkuckucksheim EP is an exciting and versatile mix between electronic and acoustic piece of art, with remixes directly cut by handy hands to fit the dancefloor. Late nite or lazy sunday – we wish a safe and sound trip.

1. Wolkenkuckucksheim
The record WOLKENKUCKUCKSHEIM was primarily written as a theme-song for a unique correspoding SYMBIONT-MUSIC event in Berlins venue RITTER BUTZKE. The idea behind that event and it’s representing soundtrack was to make an utopia liveable and seizable, to create a fictional world, far away from the guests very private and personal reality – a temporary physical and spiritual withdrawal from the real world.
With lots of sound and natural frankness WOLKENKUCKUCKSHEIM breeds out many different amenities, which one would love to give in to.

2. Funkenmaxe der Song
A pride of saxophones, lead by its dominating greyback, is gently pushed through the sunlit savanna by (acid-influenced, but) very determined basslines.

3. Lonely
It’s jazzy bassline, underlined by a playful and dynamic drum grounding, here again determine the hypnotic warmth of this track. A softly distorted saxophone bravely encounters a melodicly shifting e-piano and strives unflinched towards hope!

4. Wolkenkuckucksheim (Gitte Verfuehrt rmx)
Unmistakable funky Gitte! He invited the jazzband to leave the basement and join the dancefloor, added a detail-loving pinch of synthetic *bleeps* in staccato – not only the kuckuck is gonna fall for that one..

5. Funkenmaxe der Song (Samuel Fach rmx)
Samuel Fach adds a well-rounded, driving note to the savannah and interprets the raw archetype in a sweat-dripping, groovy way, while varying instruments discuss this remix’ domination in an exciting manner with wafting planes.

6. Wolkenkuckucksheim (Jonas Saalbach rmx)
With massive and monolithic tracks, Jonas Saalbach teases a technoid touch out of the original and adds a harmonic note between hard and soft. Deeply in thought, this title presents itself anthemic but also irresistibly driving through its soil-rooted modulations.

Sven Dohse – mag ich sehr….
Sven JozwiakJonas Saalbach remix is great..will try it..thanks
Chris Robin – good work. support
Leon Licht – mal was anderes, sehr innovativ. passt hier grad perfekt auf die after hour.
danke für diese wunderschöne reise. no more words needed… go on!!
Jen & Berry’s – very very nice ep. supprising and constant quality. WOLKENKUCKUCKSHEIM
seems to be a very nice intro to us and the samples of FUNKENMAXE are quite amazing. THNKS for
this masterpiece!
Maxi Buraque – full support !!

Peter & Pan on Resident Advisor and Facebook


22.11. /// SMP001 / Fuchsberg – Checkpoint EP

Fuchsberg‘s new EP is out.
It’s now released on several platforms, you find the links below.
Therefore we founded symbiont-music play – SMP001 – our digital section to publish our works. You may buy it …

smplay logo1

Artist // Fuchsberg
Title // Checkpoint EP
Label // symbiont-music play
Format // wav, mp3, flac
Cat.No. // SMP001
Releasedate // 22.11.2012
Style // deephouse, techhouse, techno
Artwork // Fabian Foehn

Fuchsberg’s latest EP Checkpoint defines a stunning turning point in his musical development. Leaving old patterns behind, a new and unconventional direction has been achieved. One can immediately recognise an unusual, curious tension that lovers of techno will not be able to let go.

1. Checkpoint
Checkpoint is impressive from the word go, with it’s rousing, relaxed, deep groove and hazy vocals it sets a catchy, but unintrusive scene. The track gives a wonderful, exuberant groove with an enthusiastic beat.

2. I’ll Get You
I’ll Get You is an accurate depiction of what is to come. The hypnotic, deep, dry tune takes the listener with ease and without their permission. The driving beats and precise bassline push you inevitably to the dance floor and move to a more complex depth. The vocals, synths and violins take you on a journey from which at the end you are suddenly awakened from this beautiful dream. Rewind – repeat!

3. Checkpoint (Foehn %26 Jerome Remix)
Foehn %26 Jerome’s take on Checkpoint is perfect for a positive Sunday afternoon. Their expansive, relaxed, encouraging aesthetic provides a wonderful outlet for an extravagant after-party set.

4. Seconds (Sven Jozwiak Remix)
Slightly trippy and playful urges are utilised in Sven Jozwiak’s remix of Seconds. The exciting flutes hypnotise the listener and provide that extra push an already twitchy leg needs to dance. With a great variety of sounds and a strong energy, the ride continues through the night.

Ordinary Subject (Varied-Records) – YES nice Remix from Foehn & Jerome!
David Keno (KENO-Records) – Especially liking “i’ll get you”.
Rocko Garoni (misch-poke) – Geiles Teil, vor allem “Checkpoint”!
Murian Benz – Tolle EP! Gefällt uns ausserordentlich gut! Danke!
junkuhn. – great late night stuff for the journey within.
Tomas Rubeck (Aula Magna, ESHU Records) – Checkpoint both mixes are great.
Daniell C (cross tech rec.) – Nice deep tunes !My fav is Foehn & Jerome remix !
Sebo (URSL, bachstelzen) – very nice deep EP!! Full support !!
Gion (Nervous Records, Reisei, Soulman) – Checkpoint original mix and Foehn & Jerome Remix are nice. support
Seta Label – Perfect!
Mentelibre – really good work !! will try “I’ll get you”.. love the vocals… full support !
Locke %26 Locke – SMP001: great work, full support !
Slurm Mc Kenzie (Tanzmichmal) – dark, deep, der winter kommt.
Spag – great ep – thnx!
Superfraiche – “Checkpoint” is SO HOT! Def gonna play it.
Chroma – Will play!

Fuchsberg on Resident Advisor and Facebook