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The producer, composer and DJ was born in Berlin but spent much of his early childhood in Budapest — the birthplace of his father, „András Tiborcz“, a musician and multi-instrumentalist. His musical roots reach far back into the nineties, when he was learning drums and piano as a kid, taught by his parents.
In 1999, Fuchsberg began to feel his way through Hip Hop music production with several rap artist from Berlin to Virginia/Baltimore. When he was 19 years old, Fuchsberg dived more and more into the Berlin underground club scene and started incorporating these electronic influences into his Music. Complexity pairs with simplicity; Functionality pairs with emotions.
In 2010 Fuchsberg made something of a breakthrough after he came in contact with the record label and booking agency Symbiont-Music and ended up making his debut EP Checkpoint for the label in 2012. Besides his DJ and Live-Act career he gained new skills and experiences with commercial music production for adverts, TV-Spots, and artists. Therefore, producing club music isn’t his only strength but also the participating in composing and sound design, which allows him to communicate through different languages with a wide range of people.
He was rubbing shoulders with DJ and musician Dub Resort. They decided to focus their attention purely on their new project NEVERLAKE. They produced, pressed, and distributed their debut EP “Alone“ all by themselves and strictly limited it to 100 vinyls. Further releases will follow soon.
Quality was always Fuchsberg’s home and his aim is to continue producing excellent music. He creates a unique musical language rich in contrast and transfers his charm with a wider range of his sense for electronic music.

Der Ansatz in der Musik – dass das Harmonische der tragende Teil ist, lebt auch in Fuchsberg auf. Seine weitreichenden Erfahrungen aus unterschiedlichsten Genres, lässt er geduldig einfließen und kombiniert Stilmittel des Blues, Souls, den 80ern und des POPs zu tanzbaren Geschichten. Dabei kreiert er eine ganz eigene Sprache und der Dialog zwischen den Instrumenten wird hörbar und erfahrbar. Komplexes kreuzt sich mit einfachem, Funktionalität geht einher mit Emotionen und die Klangwelt des Fuchsbergs hypnotisiert den Hörer zu einer treibenden Reise.


House, Techno, Techhouse, Deep, Dub, Pop, Electro, Ambient



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