Photo of Slurm McKenzie

Slurm McKenzie


Although born in former Czechoslovakia in the mid 80s, Slurm grew up in the south of Germany.
Through an early classical music education he discovered a deeppassion for all kinds of music such as Hip Hop, Rock, Pop and Psytrance. As an active member of the psytrance scene he faced many problems organizing parties in the region and therefore fled to berlin at the age of 18 in search of like-minded spirits. But the psytrance scene had nothing exciting to offer anymore and so he found his way into techno and house music.
By supporting his friends who dj and organize events, he fell into the spiral of djing and finally bought his own decks.
Since 2009 Slurm has been expressing his love for dance music in almost all clubs in berlin and became an important member of the berlin-based “Tanzmichmal” crew and also a resident at the Golden Gate Club.


His style can be considered colourful and diverse between the genres of techno, house and disco with charming surprises.



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