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Franzi Fritz


Franzi Fritz made up her mind for electronic music and local dance floors in the young age of 14. Grown up in Berlin, she developed her passion for art by playing drums, got more and more into contact to musicians and Djs by organizing events (198 at “Insel” Treptow in 2010/2011), decorating and creating eyecatchers for all sorts of partys and evolving the beauty of things. It followed into the founding of the culture- and music association “kulturalarm.e.V.” at the “Musikfabrik ORWOHAUS” in 2007.
She´s been giving her DJ-Debut at “Karneval der Kulturen”, a streetparade in Berlin in 2009. Cause of rocking the crowd with the small but well selected amount of vinyls, she soon played allround Berlin in etablished venues, like “Ritter Butzke”, “Golden Gate”, “Suicide Circus” or “Berghain Kantine”.

While playing records for 4 years now, she’s improving her own production and vocal skills in collaborations with other artists and friends, like “Egokind” and “Funkenstroem”.


Her warm and progressive sound combines Techno, House, DeepHouse and TechHouse – everything with a small value of crackling made by vinyl, her real passion.



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