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Feb. 2012 /// (sm026) Gitte Verfuehrt – Zwischenraum & Zeit

A long wait results in funk:
symbiont-music presents the release no. 26:

Gitte Verfuehrt – Zwischenraum & Zeit

(sm026) Gitte Verfuehrt – Zwischenraum & Zeit by symbiont-music

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The music-lover Gitte Verfuehrt comes along casual and delicate, infecting us with his gentle adaption of acoustic and electronic. 4 enticing tracks with funky guitar riffs an jazzy pianos, combined with swinging percussions and rich basslines vault immediately into the world of Gitte Verfuehrt´s sound aesthetics.

He is supported by Samuel Fach, whose release Simple Pleasure (tok016) meteoric predicated it´s position among decks Top10 in summer 2011.

The outcome of a long and acribic work is a release, which pre-eminently bribes with its organic and winsome synthesis of sound, far away from lusterless and pure functional arrangements. So Gitte Verfuehrt shows up, that there are more possibilities between space and time, than the hearing expects.

1. Zeit (original Mix)
„Zeit“ comes up with jigging bass, swinging and perfectly timed inviting the open and gentle Fender Rhodes, to create a warm-hearted rolling step dance in rhythmical accomplishment.

2. Zwischenraum (original Mix)
„Zwischenraum“ melts organs and guitars and create a funky mixture of „soon-come“ attitude and apparently never ending cheerfulness. Unerringly percussive elements thrill the listener straight into a jazzy jamsession, whichs tribute to the lightheartedness of musical expression is unmistakable.

3. Zeit (Samuel Fach Rmx)
Samuel Fach interprets „Zeit“ for the benefit of the stage that is the world and creates flirring heat with straighter rhythms, pumping offbeat bass , forcing the condense moisture to the clubceiling.

4 . Zwischenraum (Kapitel Sekt Rmx)
As „Kapitel Sekt“ appears, the seducing countenance of another ensemble penned by the creator himself arises. Leading with kind of freeriding disentanglements to a nearly physical outcoming electro-jazz-band, the track once more shows Gitte Verfuehrt’s musical well-engineered skills.

supported by
Rich.vom.Dorf, Sebo, The Chosen Two, Rene Breitbath …

Artist: Gitte Verfuehrt
Title: Zwischenraum & Zeit
Label: symbiont-music
Format: 320 kbit/s, mp3, CBR
Cat.No.: sm026
Releasedate: 02.02.2012
Style: funk, techhouse, techno
Artwork: Fabian Foehn & Anne Boulangère

all tracks written & produced by Gitte Verfuehrt
guitars by Alex Kozmidi


(sm023) Electoy – Headroom

Artist: Electoy
Title: Headroom
Label: symbiont-music
Format: 320 kbit/s, mp3, CBR
Cat.No.: sm023
Releasedate: 27.03.2011
Style: techno, minimal

01 // headroom 06.14 min
02 // mikado 08.00 min
03 // valley of hills 06.51 min

download here

While balancing through a more silent time, Electoy developed a fresh and reinvented sound inside.
The release contains a 3-track-extract of his multifarious and music-loving symbiontic life. He appears with unknown deep-evolving dance floor affinities as well as wisely experienced changes in mood-touching and body moving works.

After breaking every resistance and hushing all doubts, Electoy made the mind freed to follow his perfectly tempered headroom. The walls consist of diabolic and progressive drums – give enough pressure to enjoy the heart of this track. A deep and relaxing e-piano leads an utterly tasting mixture of power and silence creating an atmosphere
that gives an idea of the wideness, ones musical impressions can unfold.

Beginning to play, Electoy makes you starting to realize, that you’re imprisoned in a wide hall – impossible to leave before the game is over. He tackles with restrained but mighty effective pad-moves, combined with a clear and exhilarating mixture of space tones, rounded by amphoral resonances. So try to win or give yourself away, to higher forces…

Valley of hills
Straight-line climbing runs lead ones ears towards a hypnotic, nearly out-of-space oscillated session of intelligent placed switches between moving and resting elements at the same time. Subliminal sun-beams in the middle area, slowly reveal the boundless and clear view over the valley of hills.

Electoy – myspace