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MONOPULSE im Netaudioset

MONOPULSE weich eingebettet – Fuchsberg & Dub Resort in einem wunderbarem Potpourie aus Netaudiomusik.

Hier der Link zum Set bei Radio Wave

Páteční elektronika na horké úterní odpoledne. Záznam první letní sondy je připraven v jukeboxu…

Posted by Scéna s Alexem on Dienstag, 7. Juli 2015

JULY 2012 /// sm027 – Grube & Libre – Second Hand Karma / preview II & III

And here the two other jewels of the upcomin release // sm027 – Grube & Libre – Second Hand Karma

some hours to go to no. sm027, so be excited !!

next dates:
27.07. FR // Record Release @ Golden Gate


(sm023) Electoy – Headroom

Artist: Electoy
Title: Headroom
Label: symbiont-music
Format: 320 kbit/s, mp3, CBR
Cat.No.: sm023
Releasedate: 27.03.2011
Style: techno, minimal

01 // headroom 06.14 min
02 // mikado 08.00 min
03 // valley of hills 06.51 min

download here

While balancing through a more silent time, Electoy developed a fresh and reinvented sound inside.
The release contains a 3-track-extract of his multifarious and music-loving symbiontic life. He appears with unknown deep-evolving dance floor affinities as well as wisely experienced changes in mood-touching and body moving works.

After breaking every resistance and hushing all doubts, Electoy made the mind freed to follow his perfectly tempered headroom. The walls consist of diabolic and progressive drums – give enough pressure to enjoy the heart of this track. A deep and relaxing e-piano leads an utterly tasting mixture of power and silence creating an atmosphere
that gives an idea of the wideness, ones musical impressions can unfold.

Beginning to play, Electoy makes you starting to realize, that you’re imprisoned in a wide hall – impossible to leave before the game is over. He tackles with restrained but mighty effective pad-moves, combined with a clear and exhilarating mixture of space tones, rounded by amphoral resonances. So try to win or give yourself away, to higher forces…

Valley of hills
Straight-line climbing runs lead ones ears towards a hypnotic, nearly out-of-space oscillated session of intelligent placed switches between moving and resting elements at the same time. Subliminal sun-beams in the middle area, slowly reveal the boundless and clear view over the valley of hills.

Electoy – myspace