18.3.2010 DO | Release of siz.da – Eisblumen EP @ Eintakt // Rauhphaser

funkenstrøm geht fremd !!
Remixes by funkenstrøm, Rene Breitbarth, yapacc, Ben Bekeschus, damo.uroc

Artist: siz.da
Title: Eisblumen EP
Label: Eintakt // Rauhphaser
Format: 320 kbit/s, mp3
Cat.No.: rauh11
Releasedate: 18.03.2010
Style: techno, minimal, house

about this release
it is deep** it is forceful** it is laid-back**

“EISBLUMEN EP” is a melange of living entity growing in a cooled-down environment. This ambience was created by siz.da, a young aspirant for this emergent style of sound-design, which combines frozen hypnotic grooves with the advantage of the vivacity of modern sound-design.Her workflow is defined and inspired by analogue signals and experiences as a live-act since several years. As one of rare female live-acts, working with real synthesizers on stage, she played in many of Berlin..s in demanded electronic locations, long before she released her first songs together with l.a.r.s, who provided the vocals of “Eisblumen EP”…


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