Funkenstroem at Statttbad Wedding



It took a long time until sound and noise evolved to a real passion, beginning with a com- puter-science study to learn about the techniques of modern communication. Later his education moved directly to music and communication science. This helped among other things to understand melody and sound designs practically, to compose and to interpret the art in a different way, like his own tracks too.

Due to playing as liveact only, he produced and developed his sound in very different styles. Also he perfected his performance not to bore, but to heat up and to excite the crowd. It’s a mix between burning techno, experimental sounds, housy synthlines and a real passion for melody. This creates a very harmonic electronic style with elements of acoustic phrases. With the combination of his performance as liveact the club oriented sound works perfect on the dancefloor.


House, Techhouse, Electro Jazz, Deephouse, Techno, Funk



25.06. SA /// Heimlich at Rosis

25.06. SA /// Heimlich im Rosis

Wir freuen uns auf den kommenden Sonnabend mit den Heimlichs..

F***book // RA

(TechHouse | DeepHouse)
The Sorry Entertainer // katerblau / shitkatapult
Funkenstrøm – live // symbiont music / o.l.a. records
samuel fach // symbiont music / tonkind
Etcha // dr seltsam

(African House & Future Beats)
Mista Wallizz // afrohouse experience
Pedinho // afrohouse experience

(Schallplattendisco & Elektroglitzer)
Feinstaubgeflimmer // trümmerhaufen
Soulbanger // suppe&mucke
Kukaracha // suppe&mucke

0dB Silent Disco
Licht und Schatten von Antamauna
Kulinarische Leckerbissen von Suppe&Mucke
Artwork von Eric Tiedt Illustration

Rosis | Revaler Straße 29 (Ostkreuz)