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JULY 2012 /// sm027 – Grube & Libre – Second Hand Karma / preview

Some time ago, our family got two special artists. They worked a lot to finalize their musically profession as a dj-team. Landed on multiple after hours and clubs around berlin they got known as Grube & Libre.

Now its time to present their debut release at symbiont-music – and we love it. It goes beyond the scope of Deep House and Minimal Techno. An evolution of deep and soft tonality, dreamy and looping sounds, backed by a well balanced and constant groove shows that making electronic music is really much more than just a hobby for them.

in a few days we will release no. sm027, so be excited !!

next dates:
27.07. FR // Record Release @ Golden Gate


Nov. 2011 /// (sm025) Mono:Pulse – Blue Chapter

sm025 // Mono:Pulse – Blue Chapter from symbionten on Vimeo.

Artist: Mono:Pulse
Title: Blue Chapter
Label: symbiont-music
Format: 320 kbit/s, mp3, CBR
Cat.No.: sm025
Releasedate: 28.11.2011
Style: house, techno, downbeat

(sm025) Mono:Pulse – Blue Chapter by symbiont-music

download here

The project Mono:Pulse was initiated by two artists who derived their musical influences in different areas of electronic music. Far from practical function, they are going for a whole different way of getting the message across: Music as an organic experience and a living atmosphere.

The downbeat project buried themselves inside their studios in the beginning of 2011 for this journey of no genre boundaries through the world of electronic music. The multiple different places of production are yet another element of the organic matter of this album.

In their as a process understood work, diversity has a double emphasis put on it. In that way they achieved mixtures from synthetic and musical-acoustical sounds in a variety of depths with its origins as far spread as Jazz, HipHop, Dubstep and Techno. Intensity, expressionism as well as the contrast of energy and indulgence are some of the characteristics of these two artists.

all tracks written & produced by
j.fuchsberg & j.wägner
violin: andrás tiborcz
mastering by electoy
artwork by mica


[sm022] Guy Le Sao – DrumBox // visueller Beigeschmack

by symbiontenschmiede