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15.08. FR /// No Gravity at Golden Gate - Banner

15.08. FR /// No Gravity at Golden Gate

Wärmste Empfehlungen für die Schwerelosigkeit am Freitag in unserem Tor des Vertrauens.
Denn Samuel Fach feiert seinen Geburtstag, Jonas Saalbach, der die Nummer 9 unseres Kataloges ziert, sowie Bela Bang der die nächste EP bei uns kredenzen wird. Als Gast gesellt sich Krink mit einem Geburtstagständchen dazu.

Krink (URSL / Underyourskin)
Samuel Fach (Tonkind / Underyourskin / symbiont-music)
Jonas Saalbach (Einmusika / Underyourskin / symbiont-music)
BelaBang (RDS / symbiont-music)

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*bleep* …welcome… *bwuuuu* … to No Gravity, the intergalactic voyage into the realm of rhythm and sound. Enjoy the ride with likeminded acoustronauts, and experience the sensation of weightlessness as you let yourself sink into the warm and cosy depths of the dancefloor….

For our first installment, we take you on a special mission! Next to the celebration of Samuel Fach’s birthday, we are proud to host an Underyourskin Records label night. The ep “Great Minds Think Alike” by the birthday boy and Jonas Saalbach is testament to the epic force which will fuel the rocketship that is this night. KRINK, having ursl as his homebase, also recently dropped a deep ep on underyourskin that truly lives up to the label’s name. The three are supported by BelaBang, a strange creature from he Hessian galaxy…*bfft*

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