September /// SMP006 Edward Ean – Pole Down EP

Here are the next masterpiece of our musical collection.

Edward Ean presents us with a deep drifting and exciting EP. Combining strength and delicate subtlety, massive sounds and sliding playfulness, enormous waves of bass move themselves forward sinisterly and suddenly through the development of the Pole Down EP. Sounds shift in foggy mystical spheres, pairing themselves with techno grooves, finally revealing a clear and apparently cheerful world within.

The melancholy of an approaching Winter bestows upon the work a compelling tension. Edward Ean sends us on a trip, beginning in the dark and cool, traveling through to the warmth and softness at the end. Who wishes to, may sway in blissful, comforting light.

In addition, the traveling companions Funkenstrøm and Fuchsberg deliver new, purposeful interpretations in their remixes, with individual intuition for the depth in Edward’s work.

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and the prelistening files at Soundcloud


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