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Musical Works, published by symbiont-music & symbiont-music play


SYMBIOSE EINS is the name of our first compilation to be released, after 7 years of label work, on the 13th of March 2014. It is a reflection of the whole symbiont crew and their artistic collaborations.



As colorful as our first open airs, as dreamy as the ideals that first gave rise to the establishment of symbiont-music and as mature as the experience of more than 7 years may reflect.

Thank you! To all our listeners.
And many thanks to all the artists, companions and friends, who realized this piece of art.
Edward Ean, Fuchsberg, Funkenstrøm, Geschwister Schumann, Georg Wedel, Gustav, Dub Resort, Jonas Saalbach, Samuel Fach, Elease, Vocoderhead, Electoy, Mica, Gitte Verfuehrt, Format Ce, Mato, Anna, Audacious Clay …. and many, many more..

We will celebrate it, on 15.3.2014 at a special location at a bay area in berlin. The party is called Neue Liebe

And here are the generous previews on soundcloud.

Artists: Various Artists
Title: SYMBIOSE EINS // Sampler
Label: symbiont-music play
Format: WAV/AIFF + 320 kbit/s, mp3, CBR
Cat.No.: SMP008
Releasedate: 13.03.2014
Style: from deephouse to techno, downbeat & electronica, all styles
written & produced by: VA
Artwork: illustration by Lenka Globanova, layout by Mica (SM)
Mastering & Mixing: Gitte Verfuehrt (SM)

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October 2013 /// SMP007 Jan Hertz & Rocko Garoni – Mondland EP

Some more of our passion …

Jan Hertz & Rocko Garoni are giving their passion for melancholic tunes in a wonderful package.

The new pièce de résistance from Jan Hertz & Rocko Garoni – Mondland EP captures us through soft, sentimental and also poppy sounds. Vocals, percussion and melodies lead dry yet elegant dialog with each other. Spheres are supported through nuances and strong bass lines. Mondland and Jacko deliver us strong House tracks of deep, melancholic ambient character, and complete sensitivity for the perfect moment.
Funkenstrøm strengthens the house vibe of Mondland with his jazzy piano grooves. While Samuel Fach transforms the same track with an experimental mixture of Tech and Deep House. Gitte Verfuehrt translates Jacko into his own style of swinging rhythms, crisp and frisky Bass. The EP succeeds so easily in carrying us away from our homely arm chair, or sends us on a journey in the club. A must have pleasure, with eyes closed.

and the prelistening files at Soundcloud

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Dr. Dru // Great release. Will have to check. Cheers, dru
Oliver Schories // Mondland ist super! danke!
Uschi & Hans // Fantasic EP, we are in love! Great work guys. Jacko is our favorite track.
Bronzki // Sehr sehr nice!!!!
Exile (LeGalassie Di Seyfert & Cieli Di Orione) // Good vibes and atmosphere all tracks. Supported on my dj set and Radio Show! Thanks
Calin l Deep & Deeper Radio Show // Great sounds here guys, will check out. Thank you
Alessandro Grops // Mondland (Samuel Fach Remix) for me. thx
Bleek’n’Coy // Will try out Mondland in our sets, really like the low end and percussion on it. Cheers!
Brian Busto // Love all 5 tracks. Will play thank you
Juho Kahilainen // Jan Hertz has been on my watchlist for a long time. The way he builds his mixdowns is just a pleasure to listen. All the sounds are sharp as a razor, the bass is pleasant and the hi-hats are crisp. Easily something you can get lost on Sunday afternoon. There’s a light reminiscence of 90’s/00’s British tech-house such as 20:20 Vision and Paper Rec, which is cool… Teaming up with Rocko Garoni has been a smart move as they have been good friends with each other for years and share the same idea of ideal club music.
Magnutze // thx 4 sharing guys! big hug
Si Edwards // Wicked
Filip // Jacko is a big tune
Franco Bianco // Ideal for my podcasts at Delta FM 90.3 in Buenos Aires and probably for my dj sets also! Thanks for the music!
Nate Goodman // Nice track, love the stripped back vibe.
Deepshizzol // Gitte Verfuehrt mix hits the spot
Pablo Fe // Solid EP!! Will Keep Close. Thanks for the Music.
Lukasz Napora (Polish Radio 4, Audioriver) // strong release. all the tracks are really cool
Andy Wilson // like the atmospheres on these productions, particularly both versions of Jacko
Renato Ratier // solid release. thanks!
Alex Kiefer // schickes release! Mondland – Samuel Fach Remix persönlicher favorit
Mano // great tunes here
Kombiteller // Schön !!
JJ Mumbles // pretty nice stuff
Jonty skrufff // samuel fach’s is the mix for me- full support ;)
MAT from The-Zone // Thanks! downloaded for The-Zone radio show
P Man (The P Man Show, Sub FM) // Nice vibes and excellent production on the 2 original mixes. The originals and the remixes make for an excellent release. Will support. Thanks for including me in the promo mailout.
Georg // Nice one! Will play Jacko Original and remix for sure!
Lars Wickinger // Nice release! Grab Funkenstrom and of couse Samuel Fach! Thanks!
Marcus Holder // Really cruisy. Especially enjoy the Gitte Verfuehrt remix!
Wutzlhofer // beautiful production. love the drums on Jacko. enjoying this on the floor, but as well on a sunday afternoon at home.


September /// SMP006 Edward Ean – Pole Down EP

Here are the next masterpiece of our musical collection.

Edward Ean presents us with a deep drifting and exciting EP. Combining strength and delicate subtlety, massive sounds and sliding playfulness, enormous waves of bass move themselves forward sinisterly and suddenly through the development of the Pole Down EP. Sounds shift in foggy mystical spheres, pairing themselves with techno grooves, finally revealing a clear and apparently cheerful world within.

The melancholy of an approaching Winter bestows upon the work a compelling tension. Edward Ean sends us on a trip, beginning in the dark and cool, traveling through to the warmth and softness at the end. Who wishes to, may sway in blissful, comforting light.

In addition, the traveling companions Funkenstrøm and Fuchsberg deliver new, purposeful interpretations in their remixes, with individual intuition for the depth in Edward’s work.

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and the prelistening files at Soundcloud