May 2012 /// Samuel Fach – Hello Berlin // TOK022

Tonkind / TOK022 / kaufbar & lieferbar // 2. Mai – Vinyl / 16. Mai – Digital

TOK022 - Samuel Fach - Hello Berlin Hello Berlin is the second release of Samuel Fach on Tonkind. With his first one he made already a successful debut start. And for sure Hello Berlin should not stay behind. Like the titel tells us, it is a tribute to his new home town. Since last summer he is now a child of this wonderful city and this release suppose to be his first musical reflection to what he experienced there, so far. Like on the first release, Samuel Fach shows his talent for a multicolored and very origin sound. All emotions have been bunched here, esspecialy in Firts Of May we got an essence of his affinity for happy melancholy. On the top… with a very cool Kotelett & Zadak remix of Hello Berlin, he got the right support from Berlins men on the spot.


Samuel Fach at facebook, Resident Advisor, soundcloud


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